1st September 2020

cloudscale.ch Plattform availability issues

We currently experience issues with the availability of systems at cloudscale. We will inform, when we do have more information.

14:54 Cloudscale has updated their status page: https://cloudscale-status.net/incident/145

Around 14:30 Today the availability of service hosted at cloudscale.ch experienced a limited availability. This included services hosted on the APPUiO, private clusters and individual VM based services.

According to the communication from cloudscale.ch on https://cloudscale-status.net the problem originated in an unusual volume and pattern of inbound traffic.

Core Network Infrastructure Restricted Internet Connectivity 40 minutes ago We are facing inbound traffic at unusual patterns and volumes. Traffic to/from certain external targets might be affected by degraded performance (throughput, latency, packet loss) to varying degrees. This includes traffic of virtual servers, DNS lookups using our resolvers, requests to our object storage > from external sources as well as access to our website, Cloud Control Panel, and API. Our engineers are investigating the issue and are working to fully restore our services. We will keep you posted.

Around 14:55 cloudscale.ch upstream blackholed the traffic to the affected targets. With this action, the availability of most services is re-established. This is a temporary fix. It might be possible that this has further impact.

We are working on this issue together with cloudscale.ch and keep you informed about any developments.

Thank you for your understanding.

15:46 cloudscale.ch has updated their status page. The internet connectivity is stabilized according the communication from cloudscale.ch on https://cloudscale-status.net/incident/145.