27th May 2020

App Router Application Routers restarting

We're observing that the APPUiO Application routers have increased process counts and memory usage leading to infrequent unplanned router restarts since yesterday (2020-05-27) afternoon at around 15:00. The symptoms suggest that this is a reoccurrence of the issue we reported in https://status.appuio.ch/incident/239.

We are currently investigating potential long-term measures to prevent this issue from reoccuring in the future.

Until we find a solution, applications may experience brief connectivity interruptions when one of the application routers is killed and restarted by the operating system due to its high memory usage.

2020-05-29 16:35: We identified the source of the increased amount of long-lived connections on the application routers and were able to resolve the issue. Right now the application routers look stable. We are continuing to observe the situation.

2020-06-02 09:35: The situation remained stable over the weekend. We're considering this issue resolved for the time being.