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Scheduled Maintenance
Wöchentliche Wartungsarbeiten / Weekly Maintenance

Guten Tag!

Gemäss unseren Vereinbarungen führen wir morgen Dienstag unsere wöchentlichen Wartungsarbeiten durch. Dadurch kann es bei nicht-redundanten Deployments zu Unterbrüchen kommen. Wir stellen sicher, dass diese so kurz wie möglich sind.

Freundliche Grüsse, Ihr VSHN Team


In accordance with our agreements we are carrying out our weekly maintenance tomorrow Tuesday. There may be disruptions of deployments that are not designed redundantly, but we will make sure that they are resolved as quickly as possible.

Best regards, your VSHN team

Enabling of HTTP/2 on the OpenShift Routers on APPUiO

A bug in haproxy has been fixed, which allows us to re-enable HTTP/2 on APPUiO again. HTTP/2 will be enabled during the maintenance window 2021-08-10 after 22:00.

Impact: During the rollout, the application load balancers will experience a rolling restart. This will interrupt long-living TCP connections, and might lead to downtimes of a couple of seconds.

Action: No action is required from the customer side. HTTP/1.1 connections will work as normal and there is no configuration change required on application side.

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2nd August 2021

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1st August 2021

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31st July 2021

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30th July 2021

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29th July 2021

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28th July 2021

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27th July 2021

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